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Code of Ethics

Read NAR's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and related resources.

The REALTOR® Code of Ethics distinguishes REALTORS® from licensed agents and brokers who do not join the association. All REALTORS® pledge to uphold the principles contained on this foundational document.

File An Ethics Complaint

Most complaints result from misunderstandings. Before filing an ethics complaint, make reasonable efforts to communicate with the real estate professional and his broker. You can also try the Ombudsman Program.

An ethics complaint determines whether a REALTOR® has violated the Code of Ethics, not whether any laws have been broken. The primary emphasis of discipline for ethical lapses is education. However, more severe forms of discipline, including fines, suspension, and termination of membership may be imposed for serious or repeated violations.

Please note:

  • Ethics complaints must be filed within 180 days from the time a complainant knew (or reasonably should have known) that potentially unethical conduct took place.
  • Your complaint should include a narrative description of the circumstances that lead you to believe the Code of Ethics may have been violated.
  • Your complaint must cite one or more of the articles of the Code of Ethics that may have been violated.